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Late Roman and a bit Beyond Monograms


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I'm not exactly sure why but I really got into late Roman monograms when I first started collecting some 25 years ago. The answer was probably because you could find them in pretty much every uncleaned coin lot you purchased, and there were always a whole lot of these in the early days of eBay.

I believe these started with Theo II (a single type), then through Leo and Marcian and Zeno (lots of different ones) and then a few examples from most Emperors, even those who were only briefly in power, until the end of the Empire and beyond. Here's a few of mine:

Leo I : "Greek" style monogram, Heraclea mint (RIC 719)


Julius Nepos (474-475 AD) : Mediolanum mint (RIC 3222)


Odovacar (476-493 AD) : Ravenna mint (RIC X 3502)


Got some to pile on. Let's see them.

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Nice coins!

Monograms are always interesting. On Roman, Greek or provincial coins. Sometimes they are a nice little puzzle.


here is a Marcian:


Marcianus (Reg. 450-457)
AE 4 – Nummus
Obv: DN MARCIANVS PF AVG, Bust of Marcian, draped, cuirrased right
Rev: Marcian monogram 1 within wreath.
Mint Mark: CVZ
AE, 1.0g, 9-10 mm
RIC X Marcian, p.283, 561 [R]

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Interesting collecting area for sure.



Parthia..Vardanes I (40-47 AD)
AE Chalkous 11mm/1.8gr..
Obverse- Bust left with short beard, wearing diadem and spiral torque; hair in three distinct waves with earring visible; diadem pendants shown as three lines; circular border of pellets.
Reverse- Monogram ΜΤΘ; legend as dashes
Mint- Mithradatkart-Near modern Askabad in Turkmenistan.
Ref- Sellwood 64 type variant (ΜΤΘ monogram) This is quite a rare type

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