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a birthday haul


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I had always wanted a classic Athenian owl, but didn't really want to pay the cost of a Solidus.  This example came up at a bargain price. My desire is now sated and I am content with this example.

However, Savoca also had some long-time wants of mine, at affordable prices.  I quickly added more to the cart.  I have always wanted a Mazaoios, and it's easily my favorite of the lot.  The Aspendos looks less indistinct in person.  All are brightly cleaned.

These were presents to myself.  I have yet to find out what the coin present will be. 

The coins were sent out exceptionally quickly, the coins being ordered Wednesday last and showing up today (Tuesday). Oh, shipping was also pretty modest, $21.  The downside; FedEx.  FedEx is the only shipping option on their vcoins page. Perhaps a better driver might follow my instructions from the Delivery Manager - unless it's now showing up on their side?

I've heard about Savoca's excellent customer service, so perhaps I can get them to send it by post next time.  I'd rather have Deutsche Post take forever and a day than for FedEx to plop it at the door.

Feel free to post any lions or better examples of the Aspendos Stater.



ATTICA, Athens. Circa 454-404 BC. AR Tetradrachm (24 mm, 16,73 g, ). Helmeted head of Athena right, with frontal eye / Owl standing right, head facing, closed tail feathers; olive spray and crescent to left; all within incuse square. Kroll 8; HGC 4, 1597


PAMPHYLIA, Aspendos. Circa 465-430 BC. AR Stater (18mm, 10.84 g, 5h). Warrior advancing right, holding shield and spear / Triskeles; EΣ above; all within incuse square. SNG BN –; SNG von Aulock –; SNG Copenhagen 175.



CILICIA, Tarsos. Mazaios. Satrap of Cilicia, 361/0-334 BC. AR Stater (24mm, 11.00 g, 9h). Baal of Tarsos seated left, head and torso facing, holding eagle and scepter; A (in Aramaic) to left / Lion attacking bull left; SM (in Aramaic) below. Casabonne Series 2, Group A; SNG BN 346



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All 3 great coins  but my personal choice would be, by far, the Mazaios coin.

As for your FedEx issue, I don't think what you want is possible. I discussed with Savoca several times about FedEx and although their customer service is indeed excellent, on this part I wasn't that impressed. Until let's say 6 months ago FedEx was great - Savoca always prepared the packages on Monday early AM for their weekend auctions and FedEx delivered them to me on Friday at about 9:30 AM. Great. I was able to take a day of WFH, scheduled in advance, no worries.

But in the last 6 months the FedEx quality is getting from bad to worse. Packages get stuck in various FedEx hubs and they are delivered the following week or even 2 weeks after shipping, so worse than normal post. It is impossible to guess the delivery day (although FedEx adds an estimated delivery day in tracking, but that is a joke).

I don't think that is a FedEx particular issue as I had longer delays with DPD for example.

Anyway I asked Savoca if it is possible to send the packages with normal post or another courier but they said nope. In more words of course. And advised me the problems should be solved. On the next package - same delays. I know you encountered a different issue (incompetent driver) but I don't think they will use a different shipping method.

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Darn.  I guess I can only make minor orders from Savoca.  Perhaps on a 'regular' order I'll order something small and see if my delivery manager instructions are carried out.

Dang, and Fedex was the pits in 2015 when I had my turntable problem.

Yep, the Mazaios is my favorite. I've always wanted one of those.  I have the lion side displayed as the obverse.

one small thing, like many European dealers, each coin showed up in a baggie.  No ID tag.  I have to make my own.  For the prices I paid for each respective coin, I can put up with that.

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