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My first Republic collection……turn out to be a historian’s coin

Fortuna Redux

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My main collection area has always been Greek and Imperial Rome, so I never place serious bids on any Roman Republic coins. 

This coin has a typical RR denarius design……bust of Roma on the obverse and quadriga on the reverse, what stands out is its unique design of a laurel wreath around Roma’s portrait, adding that the four horses of quadriga are in reasonably good shape, so I placed a low ball bid……and here comes my first RR coin collection😃


Cn. Gellius, Denarius, Rome, 138 BC. AR (18mm, 3.9 g).
Obv: Helmeted head of Roma r.; denomination mark behind; all within laurel wreath

Rev: Mars driving galloping quadriga r., grasping Nerio beside him and holding shield; CN•GEL below, ROMA in exergue.

I only started my research on the coin after my won, and was surprised to learn that the moneyer Gnaeus Gellius was a Roman historian, and a very productive one - his Roman history work “Annales” has at least 97 volumes, only surpassed by Livy’s “From the Founding of the City” of 142 volumes, but unfortunately his work didn’t survive and only scattered fragments remains in other historians’ work, what a pity so much history has been lost in time……

The gate of the Republic has opened, surely more republican coins will be joining soon

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Etcherdude is right - I decided to add a few RR coins to illustrate a talk I was doing - just to have a few representative examples, you know.   850+ RR coins later, I think it will take another fifteen or sixteen years to get there 😛   Even then, who knows.


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