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CNG Feature Auction 121

Al Kowsky

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Last week I received my catalog for CNG Feature Auction 121 & have been browsing through it. There are many spectacular coins, as is to be expected, but there are also many affordable lots for collectors with limited budgets ☺️.


The cover features a coin of breathtaking beauty, a Panticapaeum gold stater from Cimmarian Bosporos (modern day Crimea), circa 340-325 BC. AV Stater: 9.07 gm, 21 mm, 11 h. CNG describes the obverse as "Head of Pan left, wearing ivy wreath." & the reverse "Griffin with spear in its mouth, standing left, head facing, forepaw raised, on grain ear"; Greek letters Alpha, Nu, & Pi in field. The coin has been certified by NGC as MS, Strike 5/5, Surface 4/5. Aside from a few areas of micro die rust the coin appears perfect. I wonder if the selection of this coin for the catalog cover has anything to do with with the Russian invasion of Ukraine & Crimea 🤔? Crimea was recognized as an important grain producer over 2,000 years ago as it is today. Herodotos describes the Griffin as the guardian of the remote sources of gold. Panticapaeum is a word pun for the god Pan, a very clever choice for the obverse design of these staters 😉. The estimate on this coin is $75,000.00 😮! CNG has raised it's buyers fee from 20% to 22.5% 😖.

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