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A Little Video About My New Corinthian Stater


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Hi everyone! 

Quite recently, I bought this Leukas stater at auction.
The Hanlon Collection | Akarnania, Leukas, AR Stater, 350-300BC, Head of Athena with Corinthian helmet left, Stylis behind,. rev Pegasus flying left, /\ below. 8.31g (BMC.97 ; Dewing 1821 ; Pegasi 13) attractive toning, double struck on obverse, fairly worn, VF

It's my most expensive coin so far, and easily my favourite. As I'm working on collecting the coins of Corinth (mainly the fractions), getting an iconic stater was essential (although this one is not technically from Corinth). Sure, it has some issues (like the double striking on the obverse and off centre reverse), but I love it. 

One curious thing was that the old tag said that it weighed 8.31 grams, but when I weighed it, it was 8.41g. I'm not sure why this is, perhaps the other person simply made a mistake? Have any of you ever experienced this? I could understand putting the point in the wrong place, but it seems a bit weird to replace a 4 with a 3. 

Anyway, here's the video: 

Some of you might already know quite a lot of this, but I hope you enjoy it! 

Post any coins of the Corinthian type, or - if that's not possible - any coins featuring the Pegasos/Pegasus!



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Stater of Korinth 345-307 BC Obv Pegasos flying left. Rv Head of Athena left wearing Corinthian style helmet To right filleted thyrsus Calciati 417 8.54 grms 20 mm Photo by W. Hansencorinth1.jpg.603cc7c44216ad8e87a541c133238c16.jpg

Though the weight standard of this series is half the weight of an Attic tetradrachm this coin is actually a tridarchm 

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