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Ex-BCD- Why were only some bronze coins photographed by him?


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I'm going to be adding some coins to the cabinet and I'm trying to do some research on them before doing so because, to be honest, I know next to nothing about them. One of the coins is this Ex-BCD coin from Atrax, Thessaly. All my silver Ex-BCDs include his photo cut outs, and out of all my Bronzes only this one. I thought I read somewhere that he only photographed the bronze ones that he lent out for research, but I cannot find that reference anymore. Does anyone know why all the solvers are photographed, but only a few Bronzes are? Thanks! PhotoRoom-20220917_122934.png.149ab9cde2fda0c2b44e8bfdff356555.pngPhotoRoom-20220917_123011.png.05153589f6a54a3a6b0d0f7cae9e8292.png


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My best guess is that the man simply had too many coins. This is a Thessalian of his from a lot he sold. I doubt he'd recognize it, led alone have taken a picture of it. This comes coins provenance far out weighs its intrinsic value:


Thessaly, Thessalian League

circa 196-27 BCE

AE 16 mm, 6.3 gm

Obv: Helmeted head of Athena Itonia right, magistrate name above

Rev: Horse trotting right

Ref: SNG Cop 324-328

Ex. Joseph J Copeland, BCD, @Severus Alexander, @zumbly, @TIF et al

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@Ryro I figured he didn't photograph bronze coins regularly because of the sheer amount of coins he had. But, he did photograph them occasionally and I was wondering what made him photograph a coin he normally would not have. I should have framed my question a little better. 

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I don't have an answer to your question - I do have this coin, ex-BCD, with tag and without photo.  I haven't had a lot of time for history & coins recently with other life events taking priority.  This one from Thessaly I found intriguing, my notes can be found here:



Thessaly, Perrhaiboi, 4th century BC, Æ Trichalkon (20mm, 6.62g, 12h)

Obv: Veiled head of Hera facing slightly left

Rev: ΠΕΡΡΑΙ[ΒΩΝ], Zeus standing left, holding scepter and thunderbolt; star to inner right

Ref: Rogers 438, fig. 238; BCD Thessaly I 1244; From the BCD Collection.



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