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(Another) Leo V Follis...


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This one had a portrait and obverse lettering that I really liked, though other parts of the coin have the usual Byzantine wear. It also came with provenance that includes Wayne G. Sayles (WGS Ancient Coins) and the Chrysler Museum (deaccessioned, of course).


Leo V AD 813-820, Æ Follis (21.59mm, 5.48 grams) Constantinople Mint; Obv: LЄ-OҺ ЬASIL, crowned and draped bust facing, holding cross potent and akakia; Rev: Large M, [X/X/X] to left, cross above, N/N/N to right, A (officina) below; Sear 1629

It's also interesting to compare it to the portrait on my other Leo V Follis. Leo V is on the left below.


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Nice! I was thinking about adding that coin to my collection, especially with its provenance. Your obverse is very strong for the type, it really pops. I decided to go for this one instead. What is interesting is that I lost the bid for this coin earlier, pushing the coin to an amount that wasn't worth it.  I guess the winner of the coin realized it was too high? and re-listed it.  I won it for half the amount of the previous bid 😁...


Byzantine Empire: Leo V the Armenian (813-820) Æ Follis, Constantinople (Sear 1629; DOC III.6)

Obv: LЄ OҺbASIL; Crowned facing bust, wearing chlamys, holding globus cruciger and akakia
Rev: Large M between X/X/X and N/N/N; cross above; A below
Dim: 22 mm, 5.09 g



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I like the coins in this post - these types with the fake XXX/NNN date reverse are interesting, I think.  Late last year I managed to get two of them, neither one looking very appetizing in my photos - they are somewhat better in hand: 

Leo V and Constantine:


Leo V the Armenian with Constantine Æ Follis  (813-820 A.D.) Constantinople Mint LЄ[OҺ S(C) COҺ(ST)], busts of Leo left & Constantine right both wearing crown & chlamys / Large M, XXX left, cross above, NNN right, A below. SB 1630; DOC 7. (5.82 grams / 22 mm) eBay Dec. 2021

Nicephoros I follis: 


Nicephorus I   Æ Follis  (802-811 A.D.) Constantinople Mint ҺI-CЄFORI bAS, crowned bust facing with short beard wearing chlamys, holding cross potent and akakia / Large M, XXX left, cross above, NNN right, A below. SB 1630; DOC 7. (4.68 grams / 21 x 20 mm) eBay Dec. 2021 








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Nice @Marsyas Mike. The Nicephorus I is difficult to get and the same applied to Leo V, but the latter seems to be popping up more frequently, lately.  My sorry looking Nicephorus that I desperately want to upgrade is shown below. Of course, these aren't the gems of the XXX/NNN series. That is reserved for Irene and Theophilus:


Byzantine Empire: Nicephorus I (802-811) Æ Follis, Constantinople (Sear 1606; DOC III.4)

Obv: hI-CIFORI bAS, crowned, draped bust facing, holding cross potent and akakia
Rev: Large M, X/X/X to left, cross above, N/N/N to right, A below


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