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A new artifact..

Mucius Scaevola

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Due to another topic I discovered an online shop for antiquities, named "Helios". They had something that directly catched my eye - a roman Lagynos with a depiction of a young and sad (I don't know that happened to the poor guy) Bacchus on it. The price was pretty fair for this condition, they are always a bit expensive and he gave me a discount. Mr von Kiaer, who owns the shop together with his wife, was super friendly, answered all my question asap and gave me a good feeling. They don't buy from unknown sources and only artifacts from older collections that weren't recently looted from their countries.

It was well secured in the package and I absolutely love it! 


Here it is: 

A red slip ware pottery lagynos jug with moulded decoration. The neck of the jug is decorated with a youthful head of Bacchus, the god of wine. The body is decorated with a hunting scene involving riders on horseback pursuing a bear, stag and hare, as well as other figures. The base of the jug is moulded with a rosette pattern.

The lagynos was used to serve wine at banquets and festivities.

Roman, North African Colonies, 4th Century AD

16 x 16.6 cms






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1 hour ago, Kamnaskires said:

Outstanding. Congrats.


Yes, Rolf at Helios is great. Very knowledgeable, trustworthy, and helpful.

Thank you!

Yes he is, definetely. He took his time and it wasn't the last time I dealt with him. That's how you gain new clients!

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