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ID help! Indian rupee has me stumped


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Hello everyone,

(I posted this over on CT, so those of you who are active over there, please forgive the cross-post! I need help anywhere I can get it! 😬)

I recently acquired this silver rupee and I am trying to pin down its identity. I am totally unfamiliar with these coin types and wow, there seems to be a lot of uncertainty and variation!

Here is the coin:


Usually my go-to is Numista, but they did not have a particularly close match - the two main areas of difference being the cluster of dots right after the "s o" looking characters on the obverse - and the lack of a dot cluster in between the "19" and the star-like object on the obverse.

I have learned that this type is a frozen date, i.e., not identifiable to a particular year. But I cannot seem to find a range given, either. And which mint?

The closest I could find is this from NGC:
India-British BENGAL PRESIDENCY Rupee KM 98.1 Prices & Values | NGC (ngccoin.com)

...but as you can see, this one still does not match the obverse perfectly in the matter of the dot cluster after the "19". And it does not give much information anyway.

I would be mightily obliged if someone here could help me figure out more about this coin!

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I think you have it, more or less. "Murshidabad" (مرشداباد lower reverse) mint, AH 1202 / RY 19. The privy mark, according to Zeno, suggests that the actual mint is Calcutta. There are varieties and they are grouped differently at Zeno than in my older Krause catalogue.  Good luck! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




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