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Demetrius Poliorketes MSCs come with hidden surprises, if you know where to look


Name that image  

  1. 1. Demetrius Poliorketes MSCs come with hidden surprises, if you know where my to look

    • Lagobolon
    • Pedum
    • Crescent
    • Dagger or short sword
    • Flame/Olympic torch
    • Ancient luv toy

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Demetrius Poliorketes,


son of a bear of a man who was one of Alexander's very best generals, named Antigonus Monophthalmus, seems like he would've been a BLAST to hangout with🥳

Picture one third Marc Antony, another third Alexander winding out the last to the influence of his father (whom died in battle via a VOLLEY OF ARROWS at the tender age of 81 YEARS OLD!!!

He knew how to party and he knew how to win. Cripes! His name means The Bieseger:classic_love:


(Here he is at Rhodes with his city destroyer, but we'll get to that later) 

And of course, after his abduction by the Seleucids, his son, grandson and great grandson *and there was a claimant that would've been his great great grandson, who was quickly snuffed out by Rome would end the line of GREAT Macedonian kings, known as the Antigonid dynasty. 

Today, though getting smoked like a French cigarette on most all of my marks, I got lucky and nobody bid on this beautifully detailed Macedonian shield coin of his. 

Looking at the type and it's easy to think they're all the same... but then you'd be wrong and in need of rehabilitation:


(Hey! It's Caligula!!!)

Much like our stars and stripes, we'd be foolish to think that these coins having pellets or not, the unique designs of the Helmet's bushels which vary mightily and the designs to the left inside, usually, between Helmet and bushel, that these designs surely represent something and more than likely some sort of propaganda. Something we can't touch or know. But here I've a coin with a strong enough design that we just may crack the code!

Without any further pomp (if you're still with me you're the thirteen Olympian god) what's left between bushel and helmet???


Demetrios I Poliorketes 306-283 BC.

Bronze Æ, 16 mm, 3,26 g, nearly very fine

Usually it's referred to as a pedum, shepherd's crook or staff, a lagobolon (Pan's favorite WHOMPING stick) or even just a crescent. Though, who knows, maybe all three are represented. I favor the lagobolon as Pan was a savior to the Antigonids.

Other symbols hiding on Demetrius coinage:

The Labyrs:



Pellet (this one, uniquely, had the Pellet on the outside of helmet and bushel):


Another wild Pellet:


A tiny quarter unit!

1859105_1619351422.l-removebg-preview.png.3cce7c72fdb3f8ba753e841326203118.png(tell me that helmet isn't a UFO?!)

The always popular crescent:



Could it be the corn ear/ Feather/ horn that appears on his sons helmets in leu of bushels?


Damned if I know, but any educated guess is greatly appreciated. 

Other 'oliorketes:



(Look at that handsome fella! See my reflection on the coin?)



Fun facts;

- Monophthalmus means one eye. He lost it in battle serving under Philip II, Alexander's dad. Demetruis papa was literally how you would invision a cyclops. Said to have been the size of three men I doubt any under his command dared show a sign of weakness.

- Demetrius Poliorketes besieged the island of Rhodes for an entire year! He even had his Helepolis (destroyer of cities) brought to Rhodes in pieces due to its enormity. And even with his greatest besieging equipment, the man known as the besieger, couldn't overtake Rhodes. The Romans would do that later with one simple pact.

Admitting defeat our hero left behind all his equipment to get to his next adventure as quickly as possible. The parts left behind of the "Helepolis" were then used to make one of our Seven Ancient Wonders, The Colossus of Rhodes!

- Just to stand as tall as the ancients say the Colossus was surely built on a tripod design to accustom its enormity. So the modern ideal image is probably wrong. 




He was more than likely held up by a support in his cloak, or something of the like, helping to hold him up:


So please let us know what you believe the iconography is and why? And of course all things Antigonid!!!

3145383_1659967801.l-removebg-preview (1).png

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  • Ryro changed the title to Demetrius Poliorketes MSCs come with hidden surprises, if you know where to look

...kool coins and article Ryro! :)..of course i have one of the besieger's coins(and only the shadow knows what happened to the other one :P) there's prolly some goodies(or was) on this one...for this occasion, i've removed the top of the hold for the pics..kool little holder with info bought from Llyad(?) on ebay so many many moons ago. 🙂



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