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suggestions for Roman-related wine?


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A beer thread reminded me of a question; are there any wines similar to ancient Roman wines?

And as my birthday approaches, I sure wish I could find the mysterious cocktail ingredient velvet falernum.  I even visited a world-famous grocery store; no velvet falernum.

I rather enjoy Witches' Brew spiced wine.  While cocktails don't have this effect, wine just makes me feel really hot during the summer.  It's more of a fall/winter thing for me.


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As part of the ruins of ancient Pompeii, a price list on the wall of a bar establishment notes

For one "as" you can drink wine
For two you can drink the best
For four you can drink Falernian
Apparently the grape was Anglianico , here is a UK supplier who sells variants. A lot are quite pricey.
In my past Roman lif I was probably not wealthy so today I drink Primitivo Puglia Organic , reasonably priced and I guess the only pesticides would have been sacrificial crops so I humour myself that this is as close as I will get. So far I've resisted the honeyed mice but I am partial to Eel.
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