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A new project of mine


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There must of been a loss in connection with the net as I lost all my text.

So will rewrite.

The items above I will use to create an  wall hanging ,or display . All the items are 100 % authentic no copies , all orginial.

My plan for these as well the others either by my creative juices or yours. To use and create a piece of historical art.

These will be memories of people ,places, or things...that have given us pleasure, or one finds pride in.

Matted and framed to place on your wall ,desk...etc. as a reminder of a person ,place or thing...that will bring back good memories or celebrates an event that refreshes your mind set...to a more positive state.

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One of the artifacts above a check dated 1875 for $730.00 I find so interesting.  You see in 1875 $730. USD would be equivalent to $19,677.40 in 2022 money! The fact that it's condition is pristine, cut canceled, and has a 2 cent George Washington stamp was a huge score...I paid <$10 !

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