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Hard Times Token.


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Here's a coin/token that I'd never heard of or seen before....A gift from @Finn235..Thanks Steve!

Taken from Numista...

This token was made by the Scovill Manufacturing Company of Waterbury, Connecticut around 1834. The Scovill Company was established in 1802 as a button manufacturer that is still in business today. Scovill was an early industrial American innovator, adapting armory manufacturing processes to mass-produce a variety of consumer goods, including tokens.  It was made in copper and gilt copper (HT-70A). This “hard times token” mocked President Andrew Jackson for his economic policies.
 The image on obverse expressed contemporary fears that it was dangerous that the executive could control both the army and the treasury.
 The reverse image is because Harvard gave him an honorary LL.D., he was then portrayed as a Jackass with an LL.D. on its side.
 “I take the responsibility” is what Jackson said when he put the Bank of the United States funds into 25 pet state banks. “The Constitution as I understand it” was his explanation of why he took the anti-federalist stance of putting the money into State banks. Roman firmness was a jibe of the day to describe him. The word VETO below the Jackass referred to his veto of the third bank of the United States.


Hard Times Token 1837....Copper...29mm diameter. HT#70

Obverse..Andrew Jackson in full military regalia coming out of a money chest; holding saber in right hand, with money bag in left hand.

· I TAKE THE · RESPONSIBILITY · above and below, separated by a flower. Letter H below box.

Reverse..Democrat donkey (with LLD lettering on) standing left; above it "Roman Firmness" and below it "Veto". Other lettering around



A fun coin to read up on......Feel free to post your Hard Times Tokens.

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Glad you liked it Paul!

I got a few more in that lot which I admittedly haven't researched as much as you did!2127912148_HardTimesTokenJacksonITakeTheResponsibility1830s.jpg.5dc841ef2dfc7f8ceed341d2141e41b4.jpg


I love how especially scathing this one is - MY Experiment MY currency MY Glory MY substitute for the US Bank / PERISH CREDIT PERISH COMMERCE, MY Victory MY Third Heat DOWN WITH THE BANK

And people say 21st century US politics are brutal! The "Third Heat" has been interpreted either as his third run for office, the fears that he would seek a third term as president (taboo, but not illegal in the 1830s), or the fact that he had fired two Secretaries of the Treasury for disagreeing with him


The last one is from Van Buren's tenure - modern economists mostly blame Jackson's over-zealous policies for making the Panic of 1837 inevitable, but at the time, Van Buren took most of the blame as people called him less decisive and slower to act than Jackson.1726916979_HardTimesTokenIllustriousPredecessors1837.jpg.8677821d1abbfa0d484a11b3c63f6cb5.jpg

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