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satiric coin


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My  wife's grandmother gives me this Italian coin. It was in a bag with many coins (a few thousand from 1600 to 1900), I don't think she ever saw it before.

It is a 10 centesimi coin of the king Vittorio Emanuele II (1861-1878), dated 1866.



The king is represented with a kind of papal tiara after he took Rome


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On 8/14/2022 at 6:27 PM, antwerpen2306 said:

My  wife's grandmother gives me this Italian coin. It was in a bag with many coins (a few thousand from 1600 to 1900

Wow that's a lot of coins!...Nice op coin with an interesting portrait..Not seen this before...

What else was in "that" bag?🤔

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Terrific example of Vittorio Emanuele, @antwerpen2306.  I'd never seen one of those, and, especially with the immediate historical context, it was a delight.

...Immediately evoking examples of Napoleon III, within a handful of years of this, following his catastrophic defeat in the Franco-Prussian War.  (By no less than Bismark, who went on to unify Germany.)  I never had one of those, either, but always liked them.  I had trouble finding good examples of those in the archives I like to check first.  But that was propitious, since a Google search netted this, with a nice tie-in to @Parthicus's observation about 'hobo nickels.'  


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@Spaniardvery nice coins, bronze and silver, all from about 1600 to 1900. I had a lot of work to catalogue all. The best surprise was that later I received also a lot of gold coins. Nearly all my coins from this period I ve received from the grandmother of my wife. There was also a collection of medals from an artiste from Bruges, nearly all his work, I contacted a few years ago a very well known collector of medals and he made a book of it. Very nice. If I post her a coin, it is most of time from this gift. I received also a lot of stamps from the beginning till 1912 in an album. Since that time, I am amusing me with stamps in second residence.

@Parthicusyes, it is an official coin, very rare but there are other examples, not necessarily with the same coin. A few years ago, I was in contact with an Italian about my Gepid-coins and for thanking him, he mailed me a few more examples. I regret I didn't keep this mail.

@JeandAcre, yes this cois are not rare. there was one in the lot and two others I've bought for a very good price years ago :

the firt:

n'ayant pas le courage de mourir à la tête de mon armée, je me livre à mon frère de Prusse : not having the courage to die at the head of my army, I deliver myself at my Prussion brother, Napoléon III le petit

Vampire de la France, Paris 2 déc(embre) 1851- Sedan 2 sept 1870


the second


the third  : about a same one, but very expensive : 1 €




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