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FEL TEMP Friday! Or Fallen Horseman Friday. (Eyelashes and Decorated Shields from Arles.)

Curtis JJ

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Anyone else in the mood to share any fallen horsemen or FEL TEMP REPARATIOs?

Here's my most recent addition (still in transit). I wanted it for my Fallen Horseman/FEL TEMP REPARATIO (FH/FTR) collection for two reasons:

First: Arles, previously I only had the little "TCON" (Constantia) AE3 size ones.

Second: Distinctive artistic interesting details, obverse and reverse.

Portrait: hair and cuirass (?) are of interesting style that are new to my FH coll.
Also, something I've never noticed before: Eyelashes!

Reverse: Shield decorations. Not my first, and not the most dramatic I've seen. But I always love these.


Roman Imperial. Constantius II AE Centenionalis/Maiorina (24mm, 5.58g, 6 h), struck in Arelate (Arles), 348-350 CE.
Obv: DN CONSTANTIVS PF AVG. Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right; to left, A.
Rev: FEL TEMP REPARATIO / A / PARL. Roman soldier spearing fallen horseman, who faces the soldier and reaches upward (FH2).
Ref: RIC 120.
Prov: Ex Leu WA 21 (19 Jul 2022), 5492, from the Adrian Lang Collection (part II).


Shield Decoration and Eyelashes detail:

2030022883_ConstantiusIIFTRFHPARLArlesLeuWA21LangShieldDecoration.jpg.1a9465e17c3250c87cab439886996b25.jpg     image.png.98057374e854c0e3f52482a5a02547c4.png

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The majority of the shields on the fallen horseman types depict an oval (sometimes round) shield with a central boss with a dotted border around.



Sometimes they went to the effort of adding more detail to the shield - Here the central boss is surrounded by a square of four dots


Here the shield has a 3 dimensional wave effect on the shield.


Here I believe an attempt was made to give the shield an impression of being 3 dimensional


an inner ring on the shield


Here the shield appears to be in profile rather than square on which seems to be a Rome thing as I have a couple like it


The Emperors shield is tiny on this one which happens with this issue


Here it is almost round



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