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Does this philip III lampaskos mint AR drachm look real?


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Hello all

So recently i have been looking on eBay for drachms, and so happen to find this.

PS: seller takes photos directly under light so that is to blame for weird coloring.

17mm, 4.26g

seller: biggadabedda


Hammer slippage? doubling under chair

EDIT: Solved, was bought from naumann in 2017



nuvkqugsq1h91.webp t9hgrugsq1h91.webp

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I shared my initial thoughts on the Discord when you first asked and thought it was OK but I've just posted this in reply to your reddit thread as some people are saying it's cast (unlikely, IMO):



IMO it's fine, I don't think it's cast. People are likely confusing the "lip" on the edge of the coin for a cast seam. It's not a cast seam, it's either an overhang from the flan preparation process or an artefact from the striking. It won't go entirely around the edge and it won't be consistent on the parts it does go around. It's not a casting seam.

I also can't see any casting bubbles myself [as claimed by another user], maybe a spot of delamination or a slight surface chip on the lion's jaw but that's about it.

The photos have been cropped from some mobile phone photo so they are heavily processed and smoothed. It makes it look like the coin has been modified or is "soft" but it's just the post-processing software of the phone that took the photo - note how the background has no detail to it, it has been smoothed and denoised.



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Have you verified that the coin was indeed listed at Naumann, or did you just take the seller's word for it? They should be able to provide an auction and lot number.

NN doesn't typically deal with coins of this low quality unless it's part of a set. However, they do often list sets of Alexander drachms.

It could very well be real, just saying to do the homework first.

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Btw @KyNumis I think it's from the Sardes mint with a torch in the left field and some monogram under the throne. I can't tell which exact type it is from these photos but you can try compare it to the ones here: http://numismatics.org/pella/results?q=statedAuthority_facet%3A"Philip+III+Arrhidaeus"+AND+denomination_facet%3A"Drachma"+AND+mint_facet%3A"Sardis"+AND+symbol_rev_facet%3A"torch"

It might be the one labelled British Museum: HPB,p50.13.A under the Price 68 type as it doesn't have the footstool the others have, the throne is missing the cross-bar, and the monogram could match. Price 69 is the only other close match that I see but it has a single example so if I had to guess, I'd say it's Price 68.

edit: I didn't find it under Naumann's auction listings on ACSearch but possible it was identified differently (I tried searching under philip sardes and then with/without "torch" or the price number etc).

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