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Four surprisingly decent Byzantine budget AE


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This was the first time I purchased from David Connors, and what I heard was true.  Everything arrived very quickly.  He seems to specialize in budget coins, and certain genres have some pretty decent entries. The four purchases added up to about 100 bucks.

I used to not collect these anonymous folles for the longest time.  Virtually all of mine came from Allen Berman's junk box coins.  I only collected emperors.  No Caesars, wives, etc, unless it was something rare.

I would like to find a huge Basil II Anonymous (A2?) someday.


Anonymous Class C AE31 Follis. Attributed to Michael IV  (more attractive in hand)
Obv: Three quarter standing figure of Christ Antiphonetes, right hand raised, book of gospels in left.
Rev: Jewelled cross, IC - XC / NI -KA in limbs.
BCV 1825.  1034-1041 AD.  8.01g.
Romanus III AE28 Follis Anonymous class B.  Christ / Cross on steps
Obv:  Christ facing, holds book of gospels. 
Rev:  Cross on 3 steps.  Overstruck at least once.
1028-1034 AD. 
The throw-ins


Obv:  Christ facing, holds book of gospels. 
Rev:  Cross on 3 steps.  Overstruck at least once.
1028-1034 AD. 
Anonymous issue of Basil II & Constantine VIII AE31 Follis (the most decrepit of the lot).  I got it because I wanted an A2 in this order.
Obv: Bust of Christ Pantocrator facing, wearing dotted cross nimbus and with five pellets in the arms, right hand raised in blessing, left holding book of gospels. +EMMA-NOVHΛ/ IC X.
Rev: + IҺSЧS / XRISTЧS / ЬASILЄЧ / ЬASILЄ ( Jesus Christ King of Kings); in four lines, floral decoration above and below.
SB 1813.  976-1025 AD.  19.95g.  Class A2. Constantinople.
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Very nice. I do like these Anonymous AE Folles, and most of mine are also budget examples. Another budget Byzantine that I've always been partial to are the 11-12th century AE Tetarteron and 1/2 Tetarteron issues.

I got most of mine at least 10-15 years ago, if not more, but I think they were generally under $20 each. Just two is enough to get the idea, since, maybe 15-20 total,  they're mostly duplicates of the same few common types from Manuel I and John II and Alexius I (though a few of them do seem like Billon, I've always wonder if there were more BI tetartera than people realize):


Please pardon the fingernails... this was back at time when I still cleaned coins, and probably used my thumbs as a frequent tool!



Here's my DEFINITELY NOT budget example, orders of magnitude pricier and still less attractive than the cheap ones!


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22 hours ago, Nerosmyfavorite68 said:

I've always wanted a Hyperpyron of Manuel, but the only good deals I've come across have been John.

Ironically,  Johns coinage by hoard find is far less abundant than Manuel. However ( Manuel) his pieces command more value now, i am not sure this will stay true. In my years of collecting coins become sparse and diasapear then reappear when the market gets demanding for that coin. The market is a controlled controdiction to availability. 

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