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32 minutes ago, John Conduitt said:

Is it in the references? It might mean the coin isn't in ACIP (Ancient Coinage of the Iberian Peninsula).

This is what is says in full

Calco. TANIT. Æ. Carthaginian occupation. II Punic War (218-210 BC)

Obverse: Head of Tanit, rough art

Reverse: Horse standing, head turned backwards.

(VF). old collection. 5.20g 21mm (FAB. 509) (ACIP. missing)

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3 minutes ago, John Conduitt said:

Yes so you'd expect this coin to be in ACIP, but it isn't. So it's perhaps an unusual variety. For comparison, this one is in ACIP https://www.vcoins.com/en/stores/castellet_classical_numismatics/248/product/calco_tanit__carthaginian_occupation_ii_punic_war_218210_bc/1641270/Default.aspx

Yes, I looked at the 4 he has, but I liked the horse on the other better. I have e-mailed them to see if they know more than is briefly printed on the site

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