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Noticed an incomplete hole or dent on several ancients now in the center


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Do you mean, why do you see them on both sides or why are there dimples at all? 

Someone else may be able to give a better explanation, but... I think you are referring to "centration dimples" (or "flan production dimples"), which seem to appear regularly on Ptolemaic Bronzes as well as on certain kinds of Roman Provincial bronzes, and often appear on both sides of the coin.

I think there's only one on the reverse (maybe a little one in Philip II's ear) but it's a huge one on my Macedon, Thessalonica bronze:


I guess there is still a degree of debate about what exactly they were, but last time I read up on them, it sounded like the evidence supported them being used in lathing (polishing) the flan before striking.


Sorry, not 100% sure if that's what you're asking.

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