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British Colonial India 1907.


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The next set of coins I'll be presenting is Edward VII 1907 ....
Edward VII reigned from 1901-1910. He was the eldest son of Queen Victoria and ascended to the throne at the ripe old age of 60. Because his coronation took place over 1 1/2 years after the death of his mother Victoria, all his coins depicted the king crownless, with one exception the 1 Anna which was introduced in 1906 and will be the next coin posted...Also his portrait is portrayed facing right...


The coin was designed by George William De Saulles. In 1892 he was appointed chief engraver at the London Mint serving until 1903. He designed and engraved many coins used by numerous countries.


This is a simple series to collect with very few variants that I know of...
So I'm going to start with the three lowest denominations together as they run coherently the 1/12 Anna / 1/2 Pice / 1/4 Anna.
Note..The first dated coins of Edward VII were in 1903. For 3 years these coins were minted from Copper but in 1906, due to the increased price in Copper, they were substituted with Bronze. All were minted at Calcutta.

*As you can see in 1906 all 3 denominations were minted using both types of metal the only distinguishing factor being weight and thickness...

1/12 Anna
Calcutta Mint..No Mintmark...
Copper..1903-1906 = 17.5mm diameter....*2.15gr (thick planchet 1.32mm)...Edge plain....KM#497...
Key date 1903 lowest mintage 7,883,044
Bronze..1906-1910 = 17.5mm diameter.....1.64gr (thin planchet 1.22mm)....Edge plain....KM#498...
Key date-1909 lowest mintage 12,316,800

1/2 Pice
Calcutta Mint..No Mintmark...
Copper..1903-1906 = 21.0mm diameter...3.2gr (1.42mm Thick Planchet)....Edge Plain...KM#499
Key date-1903 lowet mintage 5,376,000
Bronze..1906-1910 = 21.0mm diameter...2.4gr (1.37mm Thin Planchet).....Edge Plain...KM#500
Key date-1906 lowet mintage 5,859,769

1/4 Anna
Calcutta Mint..No Mintmark...
Copper..1903-1906 = 25.5mm diameter...6.5gr (1.55mm Thick Planchet)....Edge Plain...KM#501
Key date-1906 lowet mintage 47,228,800
Bronze..1906-1910 = 25.5mm diameter...4.8gr (1.50mm Thin Planchet).....Edge Plain...KM#502
Key date-1909 lowet mintage 29,966,071

Here's my three....
Bronze 1907 1/12 Anna KM#498...(Thin Planchet) Mintage-20,985,600
Bronze 1907 1/2 Pice KM#500...(Thin Planchet) Mintage-8,060,231
Bronze 1907 1/4 Anna KM#502...(Thin Planchet) Mintage-234,681,600


Changing from Copper/Bronze to Cupro-Nickel. The next coin up is the One Anna...
Interestingly this is the only denomination showing the King wearing a crown... This was a new style coin and was introduced in 1906...

1 Anna = 21mm diameter (12 scallops)...3.8gr...Edge Plain...Cupro-Nickel...KM/504

Only minted at Bombay...

Bombay Mint...Mintmark small incuse B in the crown (See detail below)..
Key Date 1906 with the lowest mintage of 200,000..A rare coin!


Here's my example..1907...1 Anna..Bombay Mint...Mintage 37,256,000...KM#504


Next up is the little silver Two Annas (1/8 Indian Rupee)...

2 Annas = 15mm diameter...1.45grams..Edge plain...silver .917..KM#505.
Unlike the Copper/Bronze denominations, which used the original reverse design of the Victora series, the silver coinage had a new re-designed and more simplified reverse. See details below...


All 2 Anna coins were minted at Calcutta with no mintmark..
Key Date 1910 with lowest mintage 1,603,811

Here's my example (nicely toned)
King Edward VII 1907....2 Annas..Mintage 22,144,648..KM#505...


When you see how small these coins are it always amazes me how much detail they have...Pretty little coins.


Continuing with the 1907 set the next up is the silver 1/4 Rupee = 4 Annas.

1/4 Rupee...19.5mm diameter...2.90 grams...Edge reeded...Silver .917...KM#506

The 1/4 Rupee was only minted at Calcutta with no mintmark..
1903-1910.....Note the 1909 date was only proof minted..
Key date 1905 with lowest mintage 6,299,742

Here is mine really nicely toned...
Calcutta Mint ..Mintage 11,464,000..KM#506


The next 1907 denomination is the silver 1/2 Rupee = 8 Annas
24mm diameter..5.8 gr..Edge reeded...0.917 silver...KM#507
The 1/2 Rupee was minted at both Bombay and Calcutta..

Bombay....1906-1907 and 1910..........Mintmark incuse B in the crown.See detail below.
Note. In the 1910 an incuse and raised B type are referenced.

Calcutta..1904(proof only)..1905-1910 No mint mark
Key date 1906 Bombay with lowest mintage 400,000..A rare coin!


Here's my example... 1/2 Rupee 1907 Bombay Mint.. Mintage 1,856,000 KM#507
Note..As you can see the initials of the engraver 'Des', below the obverse portrait, are no longer used.


Last up of the 1907 denominations is the 1 Rupee = 16 Annas.
One Rupee...31mm diameter..11.66gr...Edge reeded...Silver 0.917..KM#508

The One Rupee was minted at both Calcutta and Bombay...

Calcutta...1903-1910 No mintmark
Bombay.....1903-1910 'B'mintmark in crown and 'dot' on floating stem of Lotus.
Key Date..Bombay 1909 with lowest mintage 9,538,750
Note on Mintmarks....
Bombay...The easiest way of deciphering the Bombay mint coin is the swollen bud (Dot) on the floating stem of the Lotus spree..The second mark is the incuse or raised 'B' in the crown. This can be more difficult to see especially from photos...The earlier dated coins are clearer but then start to become less pronounced to the point of looking like 2 dots or just a mark..See details below...


Here's my example...One Rupee..1907..Bombay Mint..Mintage 170,911,816...KM#508


Ok here's my set of 1907 Edward VII (probably my favourite king)...Excuse the bad photography!
1/12 Anna..1/2 Pice..1/4 Anna..One Anna..1/4 Rupee..1/2 Rupee..One Rupee..
Just wanted to add....
I have thoroughly enjoyed building this set from scratch again, using my old references that I accrued many years ago, changing and cross referencing all the new data that has arisen, and have tried to make the attribution with the details of the coins as simple as possible..I really do hope that you've found this thread -so far- interesting and helpful?...Please feel free to post any British India Colonial coins that you have doubts about and I will happily try to help!


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