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Off the Beaten Path: Amorium (Phrygia)

David Atherton

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I believe this is only my second 'Off the Beaten Path' post of provincial coins on the new forum. At least it ticks a few of my favourite boxes (fine style and architectural).




Æ21, 8.36g
Amorium (Phrygia) mint, Undated
Obv: ΟΥΕΣΠΑΣΙΑΝΟΝ ΚΑΙΣΑΡΑ ΑΜΟ; Head of Vespasian, laureate, r.
Rev: ΕΠΙ Λ ΑΝΤΩΝΙΟΥ Λ(ΟΝΓ); Temple with two columns enclosing Zeus seated, l., with thunderbolt and spear
RPC 1422 (5 spec.).
Acquired from David Connors, July 2022.
Amorium struck two undated issues of coins under Vespasian by the magistrates L. Vipsanios Silvanos and L. Antonios Longeinos respectively. Three denominations were struck, the largest one features a temple. This Æ21 issued by Longeinos shows a seated Zeus within a distyle temple, presumably an important structure within the city. Although Amorium was not a Roman colony, it was an important crossroads and market town in the region and frequently minted its own coins until the early third century.
Thanks for looking!
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