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Help with identifying this islamic coin

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First of all, hello yall! I am new to here so pls forgive me if i did miss anything that is hould do before posting this. I found this coin in Turkey, there is obvious Arabic script حلل الله maybe but maybe i am bullshiting. 1.50 gr. Horizontally 15, vertically 17 mm. Could be early Ottoman maybe?



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Welcome, @Kalfak!  ...Sorry, no help here.  My acquaintance with Islamic coins is selective in the extreme; it doesn't even go up to Ottoman --although there are other folks here who are much more literate in the series than I am.  Speaking of which, you're already well beyond my league, being able to do anything with the script beyond liking it on a purely esthetic level.   --YES!  @Sulla80 started this thread:


You should give him a holler, just for openers! 


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