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Dating an AE of Hadrian from Parium


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I think this is worth some attention (at least mine) as it was very engaging to fully identify and of course date:


Hadrian, Parium, Mysia
AE17mm 4.07g, copper unit, struck c. 136-138
HADRIANV[S AVG] P P; bare-head of Hadrian, left
[C G I H P]; founder ploughing with two oxen, right
cf. RPC III 1542


RPC 1542 might have an error, lumping together two variations of the general type of Hadrian left / founding scene -- the regular obverse with Hadrian laureate and this one with Hadrain bare-headed (this coin is obverse die-match with RPC 1542 14 - the different bust types and engraving are obvious).

As for the dating of the type so late in Hadrian's reign despite showing the emperor effigy bare-headed there are some indications:

- the obverse legend is short, contains the title of Pater Patriae, and is certainly inspired by the late denarii of Hadrian

- the reverse ethnic of the minting city changes during Hadrian's reign, from CGIP to CGIHP, making this series obviously later

- the non-ethnic coinage showing Aelius and Sabina along with the obverse of Hadrian (RPC 1544 and 1545) also has the emperor bare-headed and with the short HADRIANVS AVG PP;

All these together indicate that this coinage was probably minted cf. Kluczek, Agata Aleksandra. 2023. “Hadrian, a Numismatic Lapse, And… Janus .” (Studia Ceranea. Journal of the Waldemar Ceran Research Centre for the History and Culture of the Mediterranean Area and South-East Europe 13: 1–22. https://doi.org/10.18778/2084-140X.13.24. pp. 9-11):

-- after 124/5 when Parium became  C[olonia] G[emella] I[ulia] H[adriana] P[ariana] as a result of Hadrian's stay in the city

-- after 128, when Hadrian receives the title Pater Patriae

-- and finally probably around late 136 to 138 if we accept the contemporaneity with the non-ethnic coinage showing Aelius Caesar as heir designated.

Possibly double die-match also here.

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