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Need help on this Greek silver coin


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I purchased this coin some years back from a junk box at a coin shop. It looked vaguely familiar, perhaps a Roman denarius but I never could properly attribute it so I put it into my "Black Cabinet" of possible fakes. More recently, with a good glass I detected what looked like Greek letters on the reverse. From about one o'clock on the obverse appears to be the common BASILEOS for king and at 11 o'clock appear the last two letters XXXXOU. On the obverse, obviously Athena in a Corinthian style helmet, I can detect no writing but there does seem to be some kind of small image (an owl?) behind her head. The reverse image may be some form of Nike, but is not the same as the Nike found on the typical gold stater of the period. The coin seems to be made of silver, with some crystallization here and there. I have done nothing to its surfaces. That's how it came out of the box. The diameter is about 18.5 mm and the weight is 3.8 grams. Any help on its attribution would be welcome and perhaps it does need to go back to the black cabinet. Thanks for taking a look.

IMG_3001 (1) unknown Greek obv.jpg

IMG_2999 Greek coin rev.jpg

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1 hour ago, ambr0zie said:

Something like this  (I said like, not 100% match as the control marks look different)


But in my opinion this coin is not genuine as the style is strange. 

It may wind up back in the black cabinet but what you provided me has given me the task of exploring this more as I was not certain that any silver coins, drachmas of this style were, indeed struck in silver or that something similar had been struck.  Should that rabbit hole I will have you to thank. 

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