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Leu Auction 15

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I just received my copy of the beautiful coffee table catalogue for Leu´s latest Auction on June 5. I think these are the finest printed catalogues around.

Browsing through it I found two coins of interest:

First  is my Macrinus avatar Sestertius!

Even though it is no longer my coin - I had sold it together with half of my collection via Leu´s web auction 26 last summer, I must say that I am happy to finally see one of "my" coins featured in a hardback book for a hall auction.

Interestingly, it has doubled it´s starting price from 750 to 1.500 Swiss francs this time. I was more than happy with the 2.200 SFR it made the first time around, so I wonder if whoever won it (do you think it could have been the auction house themselves?) thinks it has potential for more than that (I can't really imagine that its buyer decided to sell it after a year because he found a better Macrinus Sestertius...):



The other offer that intrigued me was lot 347, a plated and holed "Aurum Barbarorum" Aureus, "imitating Probus":


It is from the same dies and near identical down to the position of the piercing to my gothic Aureus (found in Ternopil, Ukraine), and so far by myself and David Sear identified as imitating Diocletian or Maximian:


Please share your thoughts and have a good start into the week!



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