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Cilician Armenia (Crusader and Christian states in the Eastern Mediterranean)


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This (arrived today) was from a friend who is currently traveling Europe. It is not part of my collecting focuses even though it is a beautiful coin.

I think I have attributed it correctly but any additional insights to this type would be gratefully received.

Cilician Armenia. Royal. King Hetoum I, with Queen Zabel AD 1226-1270.
1Tram AR
Crowned lion standing right with a long cross in its paw.
Translation: Hetoum king of the Armenians
Queen Zabel and king Hetoum holding a long cross.
Translation: By the will of God

21 mm, 2,97 g
Issuer    Cilician Armenia (Crusader and Christian states in the Eastern Mediterranean)  

King    Hethum I (Հեթում Ա) (1226-1270)

Type    Standard circulation coin
Years    1226-1270
Value    1 Tram
Currency    Tram (1080-1301)
Composition    Silver
Weight    3.2 g
Diameter    21 mm
Shape    Round (irregular)
Technique    Hammered

Demonetized    Yes
Number    N#


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Sure enough, @expat, you nailed it!  A solid example, too; you get extra points for detail on all three faces.  ...The strikes on these aren't awful, but run to being less than inspired.

I don't have anything in print for these.  But here's mine, an eventual (......) upgrade to one that's orders of magnitude homelier than yours. 

(Instant edit:) It's cool how Hetoum's reign is an exact match, year to year, to Louis IX's.  --Rats, there's no mention in my abrifged translation of Joinville's 'Chronicle' (really a memoir), but I'm sure if you went deeper, you'd find some connection or other.


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