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New US import restrictions on coins from Pakistan


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I haven’t seen this mentioned on this forum yet, but I just noticed that the US has now placed import restrictions on coins from Pakistan. See here: https://accguild.org/page-18183/13349270

The MOU lists out a mind-blowingly broad range of coins that basically includes every type of coin ever *found* in Pakistan, many of which were not minted there, like Achaemenid sigloi, or Roman imperial coins. I can’t imagine that Roman imperial coins would be confiscated by CBP and sent to Pakistan unless there is some specific reason to think that those particular coins were actually looted from Pakistan (and not, say, Italy or somewhere they were actually minted). But if they have evidence a coin was looted they already have the authority to confiscate it - why do they need to put these in the MOU? Doing so suggests that Roman imperial coins should all be considered the cultural heritage of Pakistan unless proven otherwise. It’s completely absurd!

What am I missing?

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