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World scarab expert, Bron Lipkin

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Hello everybody.

I am not sure Bron is on Numis Forums, but he is for sure on https://groups.io/g/AncientArtifacts/post                   

His email address is: collectorantiquities@fastmail.fm        

I know him very well, we met twice in London. He will certainly give you an expert advice on your scarabs and identify fakes.

All the best,





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Huge thanks for this, @Didier Attaix.  (Still waiting for the email to start an account with the the Ancient Artifacts group.  ...Guessing that could mean that actual humans are monitoring it.  What's not to like?)


Except, Yes, your link to Bron's website eventuated in registration, and some email correspondence.  (As it turns out, he's not a member of Numisforums.)

He's been amazingly expansive, never mind magnanimous in his replies.  ...But after a couple of rounds, it's starting to register that it's time to leave off 'wasting the batteries'!

One exception might involve sending him links to your two most recent threads, including this one.

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