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Vologases VI - any ideas of mint?

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I apologize for being an annoying numpty per Sasanian and Parthian coins, although I'm pretty good at ID'ing the ruler, I have no references for these.  I try not to ask for ID help too much.  I've just been on a Parthian/Sasanian kick lately.

However, the upcoming coin which I purchased with this, the star of the order, is ID'd fully! More to follow on that.  I chose the best one they had (in my opinion, although it wasn't the most expensive).

This was one of the rare times that I wanted a later, stylized king.  This one was actually one of the best of the uncleaneds, not having too many adhesions (and some had BD).  What was the silver content at this time?

Here's the Vologases VI, adn the sparse information in the listing.

And if I remember the So You Think You Can Rule Persia? podcast correctly, I think Vologases VI was the last Parthian king?  And that he briefly controlled an Iranian rump state?


And the massive amount of information... 20mm, 3.14g.


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Ok, cool.  That kind of makes sense.  I don't have much experience with the later, stylized ones.  When I buy Parthians, it's usually the ones with a more realistic portrait.

Should these be considered billon?  Would that explain the BD on some of the uncleaneds?

The Sasanian drachms were of high quality silver, but many managed to have green adhesions, mostly stable verdigris.

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Also, the fineness seems to vary widely, even within one king's issue. Orodes I has coins from 41% to 75%. Reminds me of Gallienus ants. Some are good silver, some are really rotten. So apparently chronology isn't necessarily the deciding factor.

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