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Uncnown 11 century denar.

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I need help of the experts here with this (episcopal) denar ID. 

Letters in averse: DAVNI(--)R+; in reverse: MITWINA(--)R+. Correct spelling, images in denar are not primitively ore 

unprofessionaly made.  To me this coin gives somehow the impression of Slavic origin, but this is only one of the possibilities.




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@seth77, with your own typically judicious caveat, you got as close as I've been able to from checking the listing in Kluge, followed by his other plates for ecclesiastical issues.  But eventually, I was inspired to do that much.  Merely because, ubiquitously even for German dealers listing on the premium auction platforms, the example you cite doesn't bother with even an approximation of the legends.  A salient advantage of Kluge (along with Dannenberg) is that he takes the trouble to do that.  ...Sadly, the only Ilisch I have in print is not the one cited; it doesn't even extend as far east as Utrecht and Deventer.

Which is too bad, since what showed up in Kluge presented a bit of a conundrum.  He doesn't seem to list this issue at all.  The nearest resemblances are to one that was minted in Utrecht (386), and another ecclesiastical one from all the way down  in Koblenz (356).  These have similar motifs, with a common, much more refined portrait style and wildly divergent legends. 

...So all I really managed to do was to confirm what you presumably already found out from Dannenberg; neither of them list this.  Anyway, it was a good workout; for one, it led to finding the Ilisch I do have, which had been 'hiding' for a while!

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