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my own version of Vault Box

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Ordering from this dealer is a little bit like vault box; it's a bit of a mystery what your coin will look like, especially silver.  For instance, coins which are pictured as dark can be brightly cleaned in reality.

I was in the mood for Iranian coins, so I picked out some.  The downside of this dealer; the attributions are barebones, so no mint or date.  If anyone has any date or mint corrections, that would be most appreciated.  Many thanks to Ed Snible for some mint attributions.

The Khrusru with the bend turned out to be brightly cleaned, but the other Sasanians turned out to have really pleasant toning.

A big difference from VaultBox; I didn't lose my shirt on this purchase.  Everything was fairly priced.


Khrusru II


33mm., 4.10g.  AW mint



Khrusru II


34mm, 3.67g AW mint, bend





32mm, 4.06g, maybe AH mint



Parthian Empire. Orodes II (ca. 57-38 BC). AR drachm (20mm, 3.70g). Mithradatkart mint.





Vologases I - 58-77 - AR Drachm18mm, 3.63g Ecbatana






Trajan AE Dichalkon.  15mm, 1.23 g, uncleaned

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