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Unusual and fascinating Republican As

Charles H

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 C. Censorinus Æ As. Rome, 88 BC.


NV[MA P]OMPILI (clockwise) ANCVS MARCI (counterclockwise), jugate heads of Numa Pompilius, bearded, and Ancus Marcius to right

Two arches, through which can be seen statue of Victory on column to left and prow with crescent above to right; [C•CENS]O above, [ROMA] below.


Crawford 346/3; Sydenham 716; RBW 1320.

 12.58g, 28mm, 10h.

Good Very Fine; attractive brown patina.

From the Andrew McCabe Collection, collector's ticket included;
Privately purchased from London Ancient Coins.

"This coin undoubtedly shows a view of the harbour of Ostia which was founded in the 7th century BC during the reign of Ancus Marcius, depicted on the obverse. The strike and flan are typical; the coin has had little actual wear as can be seen from the obverse lettering" - Andrew McCabe

Crawford wrote that the arches are the ship sheds at Ostia. One contains a ship and the other a statue of Victory  which stood nearby.

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Michelin Three Stars example of an Amazing issue (utterly unknown to me, until this minute).  Kind of incredible how a Republican as could have this much historical detail going on, both in the legend and the motifs.

And, @Charles H, a belated welcome to the forum!  I only hang out in the Ancient threads ...well, to be honest, when not much else is happening.  But how can you regret a chance to broaden your horizons --especially when it's as Ciceronianly entertaining as this?  Thanks!

(Near-instant edit: Whoops, that's 'Horatian,' not 'Cicernian.')

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