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Round 50p ?

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Any idea on this coin please, it’s 50 pence, I can’t seem to find anything about it, i know St Christopher on one side and Elizabeth 2 on the other side but it says 50 pence, 2007, but it’s not shaped like a modern 50p

As you can tell new to coins 😂



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There are a number of 50 pence coins in a round format. Researching Malvinas Islands, Cook Islands, Falkland Island and Gibralter, for example, on a site such as Numista will show you some examples of the coinage. As regards your picture, could it be that the Queen side has been ground down and attached to a St. Christopher charm, and then enclosed in a holder to make a necklace?

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Tristan da Cunha coins are not for circulation and are made by a private mint. The large number of commemoratives are all for 'collectors' and sold through such retailers as Hattons of London. How many they make is down to sales.

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All i can find when i googled 

Tristan da Cunha coins were £5 ones do you think that it is a one off 50p or are they made to buyers specifications, inherited as it was as a necklace so I can’t ask 😥

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