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BD on coin?


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Photo from 2 years ago is above.... Photo from today (my photo is terrible but I think you get the idea) is below..

What are your thoughts? Did the hard green encrustations on the reverse - which I was confident were stable 2 years ago, spread bronze disease?

Is this even bronze disease? Does not seem powdery at all. Just sort of a "wash" over a lot of the coin. I have it sitting in distilled water at the moment.

I am thinking this coin may have been saved from bronze disease in the past and it's just made a comeback. 

Any comments are appreciated. Will keep it soaking...



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Yes, as @Matmentioned. Carefully pick as much as you can, then immerse it in distilled water for at least a week or two. Any new growths, remove them, then throw it back into the water. Change distilled water every couple of days. If you want, after it’s extended soak, keep it out laying somewhere exposed to air for a couple of days to see if the BD starts to come back or not. You can also heat the coin in the oven to further eliminate the moisture on the coin contributing to the BD but this can darken the coin itself. 

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