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A Report from the NWCC spring coin show.  March 22-24th, 2024


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A Report from the NWCC spring coin show.  March 22-24th, 2024

The Northwest Coin Club’s spring money show was held in Brooklyn Center Minnesota this weekend. It is one of the larger coin shows in the United States. The dealer floor was packed wall-to-wall with people. I’ve never seen so many smiling numismatists in one place in my entire life.

There were roughly 100 vendors in attendance. Out of those vendors, only 5 were selling ancients of any kind. There were no pick bins or bargain boxes to be seen anywhere.  Most of the identifiable coins were not of the best quality, and few were suffering from early stage or late stage terminal bronze disease. I got lucky and found a Probus while hunting thru a flip box. It’s a nice strike on a clipped planchet.

As a side note, I was awestruck at how many junior coin collectors were in attendance. Kids with parents, Scouts, and some very serious-looking high schoolers with Whitman folders and IPads roamed the show floor. Be nice to them, for they are our future and will buy our estate collections some day.

There will be another show in the fall.

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I have attended the NWCC show in the past, though not for a few years, and it is massive. On each visit, it took me maybe an hour to merely browse the tables to get an idea of what the dealers offered. The show focuses largely on bullion and US moderns, which shouldn't shock anyone. Here and there, one can find some random piled binders and cases containing non-US coins, world paper money, and even some non-numismastic items. From my own visits, I saw almost no ancient coins or dealers, so hearing that at least five dealers offered them this year surprises me.

Those looking for more standard fare will find plenty to browse and buy at that show. Numismatic books and supplies galore as well. I also remember seeing and overhearing many dealers buying. It's worth a visit. But, since moving my focus to ancients, I haven't made the time to travel to the show.

Lastly, I do also remember seeing an unusual number of young people and women at that particular show. More than at any other show I've attended. It's hard to know which, if any, of these young folks will end up collecting as adults, but it does make for a more nostalgic experience.

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