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My coin of interest today is the third in a micro-collection with personifications of Boule, Demos, and Gerousia.  This coin from Phrygia, Hierapolis .



What was the Gerousia of Hierapolis?  Which apostle's tomb were found in Hierapolis in 2011 by Francesco D'Andria, Itialian Archeologist?

more in my notes: https://www.sullacoins.com/post/gerousia


Post your coins with personifications of Boule, Demos, Senate and Gerousia.

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Here is my only coin depicting Demos:


18 mm, 4,57 g.
Phrygia, Apameia. Pseudo-autonomous issue. Time of the Severans, 193-235. Ӕ assarion.
ΔHMOC, bearded and draped bust of the Demos to right / AΠAMЄΩN, Marsyas advancing right, playing double flute (aulos).
Leypold, Vol. II, p. 30, 1441; Martin, Demos Vol. 2, p. 158, Apameia 22; SNG Copenhagen 200.

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