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Help with a glass artefact of the Graeco-Roman Period

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Hello everybody,

No problem with its authenticity, I am 100 % sure it is genuine. 
However, this inlay is highly unusual as the most important green piece of the inlay is pasted on another transparent glass. I never came across such an artefact. As far as I know, most inlays were cut from a bar, see below:
Indeed, I also bought years ago from Chris Martin the right example above with both sides. 
This inlay is presently soaking in acetone, as it was extremely badly repaired. It came not surprisingly into 3 parts: the nose, the right face of the inlay, and the inlay itself. I am also 100% sure to restore it correctly. 
Therefore my question is as follows: is anybody in this wonderful group able to explain how such an artefact was made and if possible where?
All the best,


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That is an interesting and quirky piece. I visited the island of Murano twice already. Murano is an island near Venice, which is famous for its class making. There are hundreds of small glass making workshops on Murano, where you can see how such (or similar) objects are made. Murano is of course not the place where your piece is from, since the Venice lagoon was only settled from the 6th or 7th century. So I cannot be of any help, unfortunately.

Do you know what the purpose of your object was? 

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