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Does anyone have a copy of TNRB 4?

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Does anyone have a copy of Alram, M., R. Denk, W. Szaivert, & F. Dick, Die Münzsammlungen der Benediktinerstifte Kremsmünster und St. Paul im Lavanttal. TNRB 4.(1983)? It is a catalog of the coin collections of Benedictine monasteries at Kremsmünster and St. Paul in Lavanttal.

If so, would you be so kind as to post the photo of Kremsmünster 757, which is a middle bronze of Faustina the Younger with the FECVNDITAS reverse type? Thanks!

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Interesting. I'd never heard of the "Thesaurus Nummorum Romanorum et Byzantinorum" series before. (Numis. Lit. is rapidly gaining ground on ancient coins as my primary obsession.) I don't think the collection rings a bell for me either. Is it a useful reference and/or important collection?

Clearly totally different from the Alram that I was aware of (but not yet "familiar with") -- coincidentally, another "Volume 4" published mid-1980s! (Planning to look up a Persis Hemidrachm and, while I'm at it, see if Alram mentions anything related to the Parthia/Persis[?] Diobols[?] of the Bob Langnas - Koinon I types from the Fars Hoard.)

From CNG Biblio: "M. Alram. Nomina Propria Iranica in Nvmmis. IPNB Vol. 4. Vienna. 1986."

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