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Frome Museum Exhibits Roman Hoard

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The Frome Heritage Museum in Frome, Somerset, England is exhibiting a large roman coin hoard found in the area in 2010. 


The Frome Hoard was discovered by amateur metal detectorist David Crisp on April 11 2010. It contained 52,503 coins.

The Frome Museum display features an exact replica of the original urn made by heritage potter Graham Taylor, along with replicas of a selection of the coins aged to reproduce how the hoard looked when it was first excavated. The accompanying display panel, accessible to visitors of all ages, tells the story of the hoard.

Michael Maggs, the chair of trustees, said: We are very proud of the hard work our volunteers have done over the last few months to bring a smart new look to the upper gallery ready for our 2024 reopening. We have new displays and interpretation boards this year, and we are especially excited about our major new permanent exhibit, 'The Story of the Frome Hoard'.

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1 hour ago, Heliodromus said:

Hmm ... fake pot and fake coins. Meanwhile the real deal is on display at the Museum of Somerset, which is at Taunton about 55 miles from Frome.

I understand the local interest, but still seems a bit unnecessary!



I think they're still hopeful of having some real coins. They're using fakes because the British Museum won't let them have the real ones for 'insurance and security reasons'.

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7 hours ago, ominus1 said:

...52,500 coins....heck...that's more than i've got so i call that a hoard....:P

Maybe time to start considering pot storage though ?

I've heard there's a heritage potter in Frome who make nice pots! 😃


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