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...and it wasn't really too slow, the 14th was the sale date and they were here last nite..:)..3 coins of the Medici(whose name literally mean Dr-being of medicine so they may have been in that line earlier on one would suppose  i know of more than one doctor in this age who opened a bank or 2 😛 )

Lorenzo ll, father of Catherine, Queen of France, and of Alessandro, 1st Duke of Florence.  son of Piero the unfortunate and grandson of Lorenzo the Magnificent and of course nephew to Pope Leo X and Clement VII..   he was granted Lordship of Florence in 1513 at the ripe age of 24..when his other uncle, Giulano De Medici stepped down from government.... not being happy with just the Lordship of Florence, he then asked his uncle Pope Leo X to also make him Duke of Urbino ...he agreed but only trouble was there was already a Duke Rovere of Urbino...this would lead to The War of Urbino in which Lorenzo ll led a Papal army of 10,000 to the wall of that good city and where he would be wounded with a bullet from an arquebus, an early type of long rifle that featured the 1st trigger fire mechanism..

his rule of Florence and Urbino would last from 1516-1519. he died May 4th at 26 years old, 21 days after the birth of Catherine, being said  'he died of disease and excess'..at 26?!?...(talk about life in the fast lane)

Post yer coins n comments 🙂


Lorenzo De Medici ll.jpg

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