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Help with an unusual Bi Tetradrachm of Antoninus Pius

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Was looking for help with this Bi Tetradrachm of Antoninus Pius:


Obv: (....) ANTωNINO; Bearded bust right

Rev: Nilus reclining left, holding a reed with his left hand and a cornucopia from which emerges a Genius with his right hand; the Genius is crowning Nilus with a wreath; below, crocodile to right; L Iς (date) to upper left

Size: 21.5mm, 12.7gms

I've looked through the standard online sites and can't seem to find it. I also have Emmett and not sure if they reference this exact type.

Did find a similar (and scarce) Bi Tetradrachm of Faustina Jr. with this exact reverse and nearly identical size:


Thanks for your help.



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