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Jiaqing Moon Flask Shocks the Art World

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On January 25, a Chinese porcelain moon flask, bianhu, was auctioned by Dixon's Crumpton Auction House. Despite being drilled through the base & obscuring most of the six character reign mark, the 11 inch tall flask attracted international attention. The Jiaqing flask, AD 1796-1820, had an estimate of $1,000-2,000, but sold for a staggering $195,000 including the buyers premium 😲! The quality & subject mater point to the flask being made at the imperial kilns at Jingdezhen. In the recent past connoisseurs of Chinese porcelain didn't hold porcelain from the Jiaqing period in high regard, but this has changed. Today collectors are paying very high prices for quality 19th century Chinese porcelain 😃.





I have a finely painted Chinese porcelain bowl, 5 inch diameter, with the 6 character reign mark of Jiaqing on the underside, & of the period, see photos below. In the past I put the bowl up for auction but it didn't achieve the reserve price of $500 😞. Now I'm considering putting the bowl up for auction again 🤔.


The theme of the bowl depicts women & children celebrating the Chinese new year. The photo on the lower left shows a boy blowing a horn & holding a stick with exploding fire crackers on the end. Pictured below for comparison are photos of the moon flask mark compared to the mark on my bowl.


Website members are welcome to post any of their antique Chinese ceramics ☺️.

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