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Top Flying Eagle Variety Pick.


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Two of my favorite series to pick is the Flying Eagle, and Indian Head Cents.

Here's a last night pick that is proof they can still be found in the wild.

The 1858 FEC is another example of the US Mint's year of crazy varieties . So many that involve MPD's RPD's DDO's inverted dates.

I cannot think of another year that offered so many varieties over the denominations produced.

Another to cross off my pickin bucket list....

The 1858 FEC snow #002 snow 7 has been on my list for awhile...until yesterday!

You can see the 1 and its flag above the date to the underside of the Eagle.

The 8 has the 7's top protruding to the east.

Making the an over date .plus it's an ddo too!




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