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Septimius Severus Sestertius, Securitas Seated: Overstruck? Die-clash?

Marsyas Mike

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A new Septimius Severus sestertius (say that 3 times fast) recently came my way and I was hoping for a little help with it. 

First off, I can't find another example of it - OCRE has one noted, but no examples.  It is RIC IV 729a, with laureate head (no drapery or cuirass) right and Securitas seated left.  numismatics.org/ocre/id/ric.4.ss.729a

The closest I came is an MAShops (Münzhandlung André Cichos) example.  This one has a loop of "slight drapery" so it is not really a "head only" type.  https://www.ma-shops.com/cichos/item.php?id=8285

The only other "head only" type I found was an unlisted dupondius (radiate crown):  https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=1757089

This type with a draped and cuirassed bust is RIC IV 729c is described by OCRE as laureate, draped and "sometimes cuirassed."  This draped and cuirassed type is scarce too - OCRE has none, but  I found a couple online, auctions, etc.  Here is one at Marc Breitsprecher's site:  https://mrbcoins.com/cgi-bin/lotinfo.pl?id=56935   Here is the British Museum example:  https://www.britishmuseum.org/collection/object/C_R-15750

Here is mine - head only (20.59 grams / 28 mm):


My question has to do with the reverse.  What is going on here?  At first I thought it was a a strike-over or double-strike from the same dies.  But what is that S doing in the field?  The "original" coin clearly has the SC in the exergue.  (Note some of the cuirassed types have the SC in the fields, not exergue - see Breitsprecher example above).  Also, Severus's beard on the obverse is faintly doubled.  More photos:


So is this struck over another type altogether?  Something like this happening on Postumus sestertii I've seen, but does this happen on Severan sestertii?

Any clarifications greatly appreciated.  And if there are any other SS Securitas seated sestertii out there, I'd love to see another one. 


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