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Tabula Peutingeriana error report


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I've been trying to trace the path of Constantine's Italian campaign vs Maxentius on the Tabula Peutingeriana, which is easier said than done due to the map's weirdness, but it seems he'd never had made it to Rome if this is what he'd been following!

Constantine is known to have entered Italy through the Cottian Alps, then battled his way across the north of Italy ending up in Aquileia, then it would seem hugging the coast down to Fanum Fortunae where he joined the Via Flaminia, which took his army across the Apennines and all the way to Rome.

However, the Tabula Peutingeriana wouldn't have quite got him there! The map shows the Via Flaminia starting at Fanum Fortunae and crossing the Apennines (I've marked it in green), but then there's a missing section before it continues into Rome! I've also marked the Via Salaria (blue) which is the other road crossing the Appenines, and what appears to be the Via Curia (orange) which joins the two.

So, who do I submit error reports to? 😃


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