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I'm stumped! Can anyone ID this Greek AE10, Bust/Eagle, "ANTI..XE.."

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I'm usually pretty adept at IDing tough coins, but this one's had me stumped for a while - calling on the hivemind!

AE 10mm, 0.88g

Obv: Male head right (king's?)

Rev: Eagle standing left, AN-TI(...) / XE


Ive checked all cities named Antioch, all kings named Antiochus... nada!

Anyone recognize it?

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Thanks for that - missed it because I forget the Meander River is also sometimes spelled Maeander! 

I can't find any other examples and no reference given on that - I assume it's safe to say we're probably dealing with a very small issue. The head on the two examples is definitely different... I'll dig a little more at Antioch ad Maeandrum and reply here if I find anything!

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