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I thought this was the coin...

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Although the 'star' coin is a Ptolemaic coin, the bulk of the buy contained Roman, so I slapped it into the Roman forum.

For about 15 years, I've been chasing a coin that I lost out due to opportunity cost.  At the time, the local coin shop had a selection which included a Ptolemaic AE which I've never been able to find since.  It was incredibly thick, with a beveled edge, and fit (barely, mainly because of the thickness) of a standard flip.  Well, I guess it must have been a standard flip because it was in the tray with Roman coins.  Anyway, a nice example of a scarce RR denarius that I wanted was there, so opportunity cost won out.  I've regretted not buying that coin ever since. 

I scoped out this order after spotting a coin which I thought might be the one.  It turned out not to be, although the coin is quite pleasant (and many thanks to the dealer for incredibly fast shipping from overseas).

None of the coins here are too special, and don't really deserve a writeup, but I'm kind of fishing for what that mystery coin might have been. I distinctly remember the extreme thickness and the beveled edge.  The coin itself wasn't that large (except it was exceptionally thick).  What's the size in mm. of a standard flip?  It was 15 years ago, but I'd say that the coin was a tad less wide than the flip.

I also filled a hole, Licinius II.  Although it probably has a faux patina, it filled a hole and I found the baby-in-armor design to be interesting.  Even more interesting, this one spells out that this nummus was tariffed at 12.5 denarii.

I'm also a sucker for large-module Postumus double sestertii.  While I usually stay away from the irregular ones, this one was inexpensive and I found it interesting enough to include. IIRC, the Licinius (the cute, silvered one) is the first Licinius I've bought in 15+ years.PtolemyVVIco-regency-AEDiobol-22.97g30mm170-163BC-Svoronos1424.jpg.1fba6e383ed2943189033341ea20509e.jpgPtolemaic Kingdom. Ptolemy VI–VIII. Circa 180-116 BC. AE Diobol (22.97g, 30mm). Coregency issue. Alexandria mint. Struck 170-163 BC. Obv.: diademed head of Zeus-Ammon to right. Rev.: ΠΤΟΛΕΜΑΙΟY ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ, two eagles with closed wings standing to left on thunderbolt; cornucopiae in left field. Svoronos 1424 (Joint reign of Ptolemy VI Weiser 142 (Ptolemy V); SNG Copenhagen 308-310 (Joint reign of Ptolemy VI Noeske 212-5 (Joint reign of Ptolemy VI Lorber & Faucher Series 7C.


Postumus. 259-268 AD. AE Double Sestertius (22.72g, 31mm). Uncertain ‘Barbaric’ mint. Obv.: radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right. Rev.: Fides standing left with a standard in each hand. Cf. RIC 123. Overstruck on 2nd Century AD Sestertius flan. Crude style.


Licinius II, as Caesar. 317-324 AD. AE Follis (g, mm). Alexandria mint. Struck 321-4 AD. Obv.: D N VAL LICIN LICINIVS NOB C, helmeted and cuirassed bust left, holding spear over shoulder in right hand, shield on left arm. Rev.: IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter standing left, holding Victory on globe in right hand and eagle-tipped scepter in left, to left, eagle standing left, head right, holding wreath in beak, to right, bound captive seated right, head left, X-IIΓ in right field, SMALA. RIC 30.


Licinius I. 308-324 AD. AE Follis (2.53g, 19mm). Nicomedia mint. Struck 317-320 AD. Obv.: IMP LICINIVS AVG, laureate and draped bust left, holding mappa, globe and sceptre. Rev.: IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG, Jupiter standing left, holding Victory on globe and sceptre; palm branch in left field; Γ in right field; SMN in exergue. RIC 24. Traces of silvering.

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