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Vespasian "Large AE" (As?) Minted in Ephesus (or Uncertain Asia Minor Mint), Ceres Seated.

Marsyas Mike

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This recently came my way via an eBay seller in Latvia (shipping time, June 21 to July 5 - not bad at all).  It intrigued me because it was a Vespasian AE with imperial titles on the reverse, which seemed strange.  Turns out, it is an as-dupondius-sized AE minted in Ephesus (RIC) or an "Uncertain mint of Asia Minor" (RPC).  

It's not pretty, but seems to be rare; I could only find one other example online, the one used on RPC online.  OCRE lists it too, with no examples shown; the OCRE site shows RIC 1498 and 1499 with identical descriptions - so why two different numbers?  OCRE frustrates me this way from time to time.  RPC Online links RIC 1498 only. 

The only illustration (RPC) has the reverse SC in the exergue; mine is in the fields ("C" only letter visible).  Otherwise it seems to match pretty well.  

Anyway, I know there are some real Flavian authorities out there and I was wondering if I was on the right track with my attributions.  Here are the only links I could find on this:




Here's mine:


Vespasian            Æ Large (As?) (77-78 A.D.) Ephesus (Uncertain Asia Minor Mint)  [IMP CAESAR VESPA]SIAN  AVGVS[TVS], laureate head right / [PONT MAX TR PO]T P P · COS · VIII [CENS], [S] C in fields, Ceres seated left, holding two corn-ears and torch. RPC II 1472; RIC II 1498/1499. (11.99 grams / 28 x 26 mm) eBay June 2022   

 Notes:  OCRE list RIC 1498 and  RIC 1499 with identical descriptions but no examples for either; RPC Online references RIC 1498 only and Kraay 3.  RPC has single example with SC in exergue; this one has it in the fields (C is behind Ceres; S not visible).  Dots and line over VIII reverse not noted in references but visible here.

Here's the sole example I could find with an image (RPC, link above):


If anybody has any other information, examples, etc., please share.  Corrections to my amateur attributions always welcome!  





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17 minutes ago, curtislclay said:

I have one like yours, different dies, also S - C across field, not in nice condition but a little better than yours.

I'd like to post an image, but unfortunately have never learned how to photograph coins....

Hello Curtis - I am really glad to hear there's another "SC in fields type" out there!  Thanks for sharing.  



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