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Unidentified Silver Coin. Akçe??


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Hello, folks!

I need some help. I have this tiny silver coin that came to me in a lot, acquired few years ago from a small coinshop in Vienna. 
I've been looking for references, but haven't found anything like it. I initially thought of an Akçe, but the dimensions are much smaller, with a diameter of around 6mm. I don’t have the weight.

I also thought about the Mongols, Golden Horde, but I didn't find anything like that. Would anyone have any suggestions? Here are the images, I don't know if they are in the right position.



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From here, it looks a lot more mysterious, and correspondingly intriguing than that.  The central devices almost begin to evoke the kind of abstraction you might see in Merovingian coins, maybe in monograms.  But the top character on the lower picture looks a little like a c. 14th-15th-c. European, 'Gothic' letter 'O.'

...Nope, these are frankly bad guesses, but as a rank amateur in anything from anywhere close to this part of the world, that's all the traction I'm getting.

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I'm late to the party. My guess would be an akce or a Habbarid damma, see the examples below for reference. There are a lot of different types struck for different rulers. I'm not good at identifying these, but it might be worth checking out the reference pictures on Zeno.


Habbarids of Sind, under Ali, AR damma, c. late 9th–10th c. AD. Obv: “b’allah yathiqu ali wa bihi yantasir.” Rev: “lillah muhammad rasul allah ali." 11mm, 0.52g. Album 1496.


Habbarids of Sind, under Abd Allah II, AR damma, c. early 11th c. AD. Obv: “la Ilaha Illa allah wahdahu la sharika lahu.” Rev: “muhammad rasul allah al-amir abd allah." 9.5mm, 0.62g. Album A1502.

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