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World coins - unexpected rarities


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A recent post from coinfriend Paddy54 on another thread here


But let ya in on a little secret.... I cherry picked something this week something rarer! An 1857 Seated Liberty Quarter  clashed with an Flying Eagle cent! On about 30 known to exist!  A $60  purchase that's worth in vf. 20 around $475/$500 ! So its been a great week !

made me thinking about coins you get for nothing or not much, and on second look reveal themselves as rarities

Here is one I bought for 30€, just because I needed a Vicky young head shilling (we all need the coins we buy, don't we ? 😄 ), which suddenly became a 300£ coin after I photographied it and noticed it's the "D over B" variety (it's been authenticated as such and illustrates the type on a website dedicated to british coinage)





Please post your unexpected rarities


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Nice score, Q!!  🤑

I recently posted this one in the Canada Day thread:


I bought it for 25 bucks and sold it for what you see... definitely my best deal ever on a coin.  I bought it to fill a space in my old large cents book (the wide 9/8) and it turned out to be a very rare catalogue variety where the obverse and reverse are inverted, i.e. “coinage axis” compared to the usual “medal axis.”. Boring to me, but at least two bidders found it very exciting!  😁

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